A Clever Sales Closing Technique

Wow!  We are already in the final stretch of the sales year. This is the crunch quarter. It’s the time when we close the deals to make both budget and bonus.

I imagine you have a healthy pipeline and its now just about getting some deals across the line.  Here is a powerful, yet practical closing technique to consider.

Use the validity date on your proposal as a closing lever. Don’t be bolshie or you may scare the prospect away. Rather be helpful and offer a short extension on that validity date. You may say:

If the concept is still relevant, would you like me to check internally to see if I can secure a fourteen day extension for you?  If it’s no longer relevant then perhaps we can rule a line through this proposal and revisit when timing is better.”

This technique secures a decision one way or the other. If it is positive outcome, send a note extending the proposal validity for just 14 days.  If the prospect is not ready you have at least flushed them out and they can return to your ongoing marketing system.

Some exciting news is that for the last quarter of this sales year (April-June), The Sales Coach will  post a short, powerful sales tip video on Facebook each and every Monday morning. They are a great practical tool to help all those in sales reach and surpass budgets.

This link takes to our Facebook page where we have just posted a video on another powerful closing technique. It’s called “If you will – I will”.

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