Do you have a 2018 Sales Development Program?

How will you or your sales team improve from 2017?

Welcome to the new calendar year – we expect you are looking for growth in 2018.

Skill development continues be a key success factor in achieving sales growth.

Have you and your sales team put a training plan in place to ensure that sales aptitude increases this year? If not, we recommend the Sales Coach’s 2018 monthly sales program which has a full year’s training all packaged up for you. Time, travel & budget are no longer barriers to sales training. If you can invest one hour per month, we believe we can help you grow.

Video tutorials are delivered online each month. Whilst participants can do the 12 tutorials individually, many organisations choose to use them as a group training and development workshop at their monthly sales meetings.

Each lesson focuses on a different area of sales acumen and includes a series of short content videos. After each segment individuals and teams are required to consider and submit responses to a series of activities and comprehension questions.

We then provide feedback on each individual response. In addition we are then able to provide you with insights into sales teams strengths and weaknesses. We are even able to provide some benchmarking compared to the broader sales population. We would recommend the 2018 program as an innovative, powerful and cost effective way to grow your competitive edge this year. This year’s program includes;

  • January – How to build a powerful sales plan for 2018
  • February – The process to win new customers
  • March – How to conduct powerful ongoing account meetings
  • April – The subtle art of selling features and benefits
  • May – How to professionally control client meetings
  • June – Leveraging the validity date on your quote/proposal
  • July – How to help a prospect feel comfortable with your organisation
  • August – The secret to steering evaluation criteria towards your strengths
  • September – Skills for presenting a quotation or proposal
  • October – How to ask deeper qualifying questions
  • November – Creating scarcity to bring forward decisions
  • December – How to deal with differing personality styles

This link will take you to our website where you can review and purchase the program. Once locked in you can feel comfortable that your sales team’s skills development is organised for the year ahead.


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