Online Sales Training

greg-transbg2We offer you the opportunity to learn and embrace the innovative sales methodology developed by global sales authority, Greg Donlan.

Programs and insights that were previously only available via corporate seminars are now available on-line.

  • Complete lessons and become “Sales Coach Accredited”
  • Understand how “up-to-the-minute” sales professionals now win business
  • Learn how to re-engineer & strengthen your sales process
  • Discover a new approach to diffuse the focus on price
  • Learn techniques and skills to powerfully persuade

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The Sales Coach on line sales workshops and manuals

Workshop 1

Sales Process

This is your foundation lesson that will inspire you into thinking differently about your approach to sales.

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Workshop 2

Discovery Meeting

Learn how to structure and then control an initial client meeting

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Workshop 3

Questioning Essentials

Discover how to ask the questions that will uncover budget & decision making criteria

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