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2019 Monthly Program | The Sales Coach Online
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A Turn Key Sales Training Program

Invest One Hour Each Month
Retain and Enrich Essential Sales Skills
Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

Each of the twelve online tutorials will focus on a different sales component

Each tutorial is delivered on line and includes focused video content. Participants are encouraged to discuss the concepts ideas and techniques as a team. There will be questions and exercises to cross check retention and of course, the opportunity to practice with instructions provided for effective scenario role plays.

Where participants work remotely they can undertake the program individually

Individuals are required to submit their responses to the comprehension questions and we provide feedback on every response for every individual. We can then alert sales managers to the strengths and opportunities within your sales team. It is also possible to compare your teams level of understanding and sales acumen against all others who complete the program.

Tutorial Focus

  • January 2019 – How to engineer a persuasive sales process (part 1)
  • February 2019 – How to Engineer a persuasive sales process (part 2)
  • March 2019 – Negotiation essentials
  • April 2019 – Key account management
  • May 2019 – How to control client meetings
  • June 2019 – Sales planning
  • July 2019 – Skills for presenting proposals and quotations
  • August 2019 – Selling to different personality types
  • September 2019 – Questioning skills
  • October 2019 – Closing the sale
  • November 2019 – Making a persuasive pitch
  • December 2019 – How to beat your competitor


Option 1

Pay monthly via PayPal

Individual participants

$176.00 / month for 12 monthsSign Up Now

Up to 5 participants

$440.00 / month for 12 monthsSign Up Now

Up to 10 Particpants

$660.00 / month for 12 monthsSign Up Now

Option 2

Save by making one annual payment by PayPal or credit card

Individual participants

$1,945.00Add to cart

Up to 5 participants

$4,840.00Add to cart

Up to 10 participants

$7,260.00Add to cart