A Christmas present for your sales team?

Business Presentation

The Sales Coach has a fabulous new idea to help your organisation grow sales in 2017 – lets target 15% or more.

  • Earlier this year we successfully launched a series of online sales skills lessons
  • The concept was for individual sales professionals to watch and absorb the video content before completing a short retention exam
  • What we found was that sales managers began to use the lessons as content for their sales meetings and discussed the questions/concepts as a group

As a result,  we have now re-engineered our offering to match sales managers’ desire to run skills sessions as a component of their sales meetings.

We have created twelve sales skills workshops for delivery (online) in 2017. Each monthly workshop has a focus (eg, “planning your territory”, “how to build a referrer network”, “how to deliver a proposal”, etc.) and includes recorded video content, exercises and retention questions.

The Sales Coach looks after the planning, the content, the feedback and the logistics.  It’s a turnkey method to ensure you are helping your sales team grow.

We believe it is an effective way to consistently upgrade the entire team’s skills and ideally then target a minimum of 15% growth for 2017.  

I am enthusiastic to attend 12 of your sales meetings in 2017. This link explains the concept, monthly content, fees and feedback in more detail.

Click on the image below or give me a call on +61 412 543 322 for more information.


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