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15. Leadership Workshop – How to effectively hire sales staff | The Sales Coach Online
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15. Leadership Workshop - How to effectively hire sales staff

With the Sales Coach, Greg Donlan

Securing suitable team members for the sales function is a vital component of ongoing success. The traditional method is to interview candidates and ask questions which can have limited success. An enhanced system is to actually watch a potential new team member “sell” during the evaluation period.

The Sales Coach has a proven system that;

  • Evaluates the candidates initial approach
  • Considers their capacity to communicate
  • Tests their networking skills
  • Watches their initial approach to new prospects
  • Tests their ability to sell in a competitive environment
  • Evaluates the candidates ability to present a concept
  • Reviews a candidates ability to plan

We typically work with our clients to share and teach the system as they undertake a new hire. We then leave you with that learning and a documented system to allow you to undertake the system on your own for future engagements

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