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Most sales executives supercharge the early stages of their “new customer” sales process. They conduct the qualifying discussion quickly and then efficiently deliver a proposal. But what happens next?

If the prospect is unable or unwilling to make a decision immediately, the sales process either stops or reverts to an ineffective “follow up” methodology.

Leading organisations have a sales system to continue to build momentum after the proposal has been delivered. Typically they educate prospects on what it will be like to work with their organisation. The key to their success is that they don’t talk about their competitive advantages; they demonstrate them in a carefully panned manner, after they have delivered a proposal. Here are just three simple, practical ideas that may be used after a proposal has been delivered and before a decision is made.

Idea A) If you run a powerful quarterly account meeting, don’t just tell a prospect about it, run a dummy meeting with their key staff to let them experience it. Once they have met your team and lived through the meeting it is so much easier for them to engage your business.

Idea B) If you have a dynamic on line ordering system, don’t just tell a prospect about it, run a short training session with their team to let them experience it prior to making a decision. Once the operational staff use & like your system they will become advocates and influencers for your organisation.

Idea C) If you have robust quality systems don’t just tell your prospect about it. Rather work through a flow chart with that prospect to share your production, delivery or service checks and cross checks. Understanding how you do things behind the scenes transforms into deeper confidence in your offering.