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Educating You Prospects | The Sales Coach Online
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How to Help Customers Appreciate What You Do

Many prospects, clients and customers simply expect us to engineer solutions, proposals and quotations for them. But do they really appreciate the effort, time and intellectual property you have invested for them? If sales people do not share what happens “behind the scenes” then they never know.

The video below shares some insights on how this education can be achieved. In turn how you can build obligation from a task you are already performing.

Are you delivering regular and structured skills training to your sales and customer service teams?

You can now effortlessly conduct a skills training session at your monthly sales meeting on this and similar topics.

  • All tutorials are delivered via video to allow your sales team to absorb the content together.
  • A facilitators guide is provided to assist sales managers to lead discussion and relevant skills exercises.
  • Retention and comprehension questions are examinable and feedback provided.
  • Benchmarking available within your team and against the broader sales population.