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A Dynamic Sales Lesson Each Month

Continually Enhance the Persuasion Skills of your Sales Team
Enrich your Sales Meetings
A Turn Key Twelve Month Program

Each of the on-line tutorials will focus on a different area of sales

Each tutorial is delivered on line and includes focused video content. Participants are encouraged to discuss the concepts ideas and techniques as a team. There will be questions and exercises to cross check retention and of course, the opportunity to practice with instructions provided for effective scenario role plays.

Where participants work remotely they can undertake the program individually

Individuals are required to submit their responses to the comprehension questions and we provide feedback on every response for every individual. We can then alert sales managers to the strengths and opportunities within your sales team. It is also possible to compare your teams level of understanding and sales acumen against all others who complete the program.

Tutorial Focus

  • January– How to build a powerful sales plan for 2018
  • February– The process to win new customers
  • March – How to conduct powerful ongoing account meetings
  • April – The subtle art of selling features and benefits
  • May – How to professionally control client meetings
  • June – Leveraging the validity date on your quote/proposal
  • July – How to help a prospect feel comfortable with your organisation
  • August – The secret to steering evaluation criteria towards your strengths
  • September – Skills for presenting a quotation or proposal
  • October – How to ask deeper qualifying questions
  • November – Creating scarcity to bring forward decisions
  • December – How to deal with differing personality styles


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Individual participants

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Up to 5 participants

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Up to 10 Particpants

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Option 2

Save by making one annual payment by PayPal or credit card

Individual participants

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