Sales Process - Theory & Overview

On-Line Workshop

This is a powerful foundation workshop that will inspire you into thinking differently about your approach to sales.

This sales training program will astonish those whose current sales process involves:

  • Qualify
  • Quote
  • Follow Up
  • Follow Up & Annoy
  • Give Up

During the workshop sales innovator Greg Donlan will share the secrets of a momentum building and persuasive sales system.

Importantly this new methodology removes the need to make those uncomfortable and ineffective “follow up” phone calls and emails.

You will learn how to build and use an exceptional “customer engagement” system that:

  • Diffuses the focus on price
  • Does not “tell” prospects about your organisation, products and services it “demonstrates”
  • Educates prospects about your people and systems
  • Creates comparisons that are favourable
  • Influences a prospects decision criteria

This two minute video provides further explanation of the workshop

Aprox Lesson Time = 90 minutes

It is Essential Learning for:

  • Sales Managers
  • Business Development Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Internal Sales Staff
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Product Managers
  • Sales Engineers

Note; this workshop may be completed by individuals or alternatively in a team meeting environment. Each participant has the opportunity to individually submit their responses to questions and exercises. Feedback on those responses will be provided to each participant.

Individual Participant

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Small Sales Team (up to five participants)

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Medium Sales Team (up to ten participants)

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Large Sales Teams (up to twenty participants)

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* inclusive of certificate & GST