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Workshop Logistics | The Sales Coach Online
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Workshop Logistics

How Workshops Work

All of our online sales training modules are interactive & you will learn via a combination of video, text, activities and exercises.

Questions are asked following each area of content to stimulate your thinking & assist with your comprehension.

You may participate in the entire program or select individual modules.

The Sales Coach will monitor your activity & when lessons are completed report back with a comprehensive review of your results & where appropriate issue you with Sales Coach accreditation and a certificate.

You will also be able to benchmark your results against other sales individuals and teams.

When you purchase an online program access will be provided for the course you have purchased within two working days. You will be provided a link via email to your course.

You will then have four weeks to complete the program with time extensions available upon request.

Sales Manuals purchased will be forwards in electronic form to your email address within two working days.

Workshop 1

Sales Process

This is your foundation lesson that will inspire you into thinking differently about your approach to sales.

Workshop 2

Discovery Meeting

Learn how to structure and then control an initial client meeting

Workshop 3

Questioning Essentials

Discover how to ask the questions that will uncover budget & decision making criteria

View our Sales Manuals

Sales Manuals